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RedBook grows its client services

16 Mar 2021
2021 is set to be a transformational year for RedBook as it expands its services. Tom Adams, RedBook’s CEO, explains what this means for its clients and the business.

Over the past decade Redbook has advised on approaching 250 significant property management projects—aligning our clients with the most suitable design-and technical consultants for their needs, and advising them closely through the launch of their project.I’m pleased to announce that we are now widening our services to cover what comes before a property project as well as what comes after. So we will be helping clients from the earliest stage of property acquisition right the way through to post-project property care. The extension of RedBook’s services to include ‘end-to-end solutions’ is a natural step for the company and something I have been excited to bring to life alongside the team.

Our service will remain founded on our deep expertise of the market and the huge effort we put into being sure our broad stable of suppliers is not only best in class but the best for a particular client or project—whether that involves introducing clients on a bespoke basis to the ideal specialists to sell or buy a property or aligning them with the best property managers. So RedBook remains the same in essence and we are simply formalising the expertise, services and connections that already exist within the company.

At RedBook we are extremely well placed to help clients with property acquisition, sales and investment thanks to its outstanding connections with the best sales- and buying-agents in each area and for each type of property. Insights and clarity at what can be pressurised and confusing moments in the lead up to a transaction are of the greatest value to clients. Whether it is a London penthouse or a country estate RedBook knows exactly who is best placed to service our clients’ needs.

Our pre-purchase property appraisals for clients, assessing the scope for improvement as well as potential project costs and timelines, have proved an invaluable service, not just for clients but also those facilitating the sale or purchase. Frequently, we assemble an expert team of the best qualified architects, property consultants, contractors and other specialists for a particular property at short notice, giving clients almost immediate input into their buying choices. Where a more detailed feasibility study is needed, RedBook brings together all the specialists needed to create a thorough and detailed report.

So it helps clients to keep in mind that even the most sought after designers with the grandest reputations are flattered by each new client enquiry. And designers are often surprisingly anxious about where their next project is coming from—many have sizeable studios and staffs to keep up. So clients are in a much stronger position than they may at first realise. And even if a project is not right for the particular designer, you can rely on designers in general to assess its suitability quickly and advise you diplomatically that they aren’t right for your project.


RedBook is able to introduce individuals or companies best able to identify the most suitable property investments for a client, whether commercial or residential.


Whether it is a London penthouse or a country estate RedBook knows exactly who is best placed to service our clients’ needs.


RedBook has years of experience in advising clients on their property projects—across the full spectrum of styles, sizes, budgets and locations. RedBook’s stable of leading suppliers is over 200 strong, spanning all disciplines. We have knowledge like no other on fee benchmarking, client matching and project launch delivery, ensuring RedBook offers an exceptional and unique service.

We start by taking a brief from clients and formalise this into a project brief that we use to analyse the clients’ needs and taste. Next, a short list is created from a long one, before we move on quickly to identifying the optimal consultants and specialists for their individual project. The key to success then comes in the way we put together and manage the ‘beauty parade’ of candidates for clients, acting as their independent advisers to ensure they get the possible project team and minimise risks and costs.

We hold clients’ hands at every stage, giving them in-depth insights on professionals’ fees and performance unavailable through any amount of internet research.

For 10 years RedBook has been building—and constantly reviewing and refreshing—its curated range of the finest architects, interior designers, garden designers, project managers, planning consultants and quantity surveyors. We have advised on numerous commercial projects, as well as many more for private clients, and we are now extending our services further into the commercial sphere, from boutique hotels to theatres, a venture I am particularly looking forward to.


Once a building project is complete, we are often asked by clients if we can assist with aftercare services such as property management, as well as art consultancy or household recruitment. So now, in the tried-and-tested RedBook way, we will put forward the most suitable suppliers for the client’s needs providing multiple options after having put each supplier through an exceptionally rigorous process of testing and validation. ‘Our service is about far more than having the best contacts book. We give expert advice to clients all along the way, and keep in close contact with them and any specialists we have introduced, to help ensure our clients get immaculate service, ’ explains RedBook’s founding director, Sandy Mitchell.

2021 is a big year for RedBook. These new offerings have been waiting in the wings for some time and with an expanded team, including a new Property Director and enlarged in-house team, we are excited about unveiling them.

To find out more about RedBook’s services, from pre-purchase through to aftercare, please get in touch using the details below.

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