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23 Mar 2022
Lord Andrew Hay brings nearly 40 years of experience working at the apex of the property world to his new role. Read our Q&A with Andrew on his background, and what this landmark appointment means for RedBook.


RedBook is delighted to announce the appointment of Lord Andrew Hay as its non-executive Chairman.

Andrew brings to RedBook an unrivalled wealth of experience, having worked at the apex of the property world for nearly 40 years, most recently as Global Head of Residential for Knight Frank where he managed the firm’s residential business across 60 countries.

Andrew’s appointment helps to affirm RedBook’s reputation for the highest quality of professional advice and signals its ambition to expand its growing business in the UK and internationally.

“RedBook has a strongly independent voice and its value to clients will always lie in offering unbiased expertise.”

‘I strongly believe that people make places and to do this clients require not just expert advice, but importantly, outstanding service is critical and increasingly hard to find. It is the combination of these factors that RedBook excels at,’ says Andrew. ‘Its expertise and processes are hugely impressive, whilst aligning clients with the ideal service providers by employing a strong focus on ‘’EQ” to ensure a clients’ dream home or renovation project is delivered on time and on budget.’

He adds: ‘RedBook has a reassuringly independent voice and its value to clients will always lie in offering unbiased expertise. That is one of the attributes that most attracted me to the firm. It is critical that we maintain and enhance that rigorous mindset, so that RedBook is not aligned with any single agency, nor will its vision become clouded by trading in property.’

RedBook’s founding director, Sandy Mitchell, comments: ‘From his long career dealing with many of the finest homes in Britain, indeed across the world, Andrew knows exactly what marks out best in class, be it real estate, client service or expert advice. That quality of insight is extremely rare, and is going to be hugely valuable to our clients aiming to create special properties. Andrew’s contact base is also highly complementary to RedBook’s own extensive network.

“…he still regards himself as a frustrated farmer from the Scottish Hebrides.”

Andrew has plenty of first-hand experience of building projects, too. He built his first house in 2001 in Hampshire, and currently he and his wife Claire are in the throes of finishing another contemporary country house in the Cotswolds.

Andrew was immediately impressed by the dynamism, vigour and attention to detail of the RedBook team and he sees it as an advantage that agency CEO Tom Adams does not have a property background.

‘He’s full of great ideas, operates at pace, challenges the norm and has a genuine entrepreneurial spirit. I look forward to working with Tom as we expand our offering over the next five years. Sandy has created an industry leading business model that is irresistible to most aspiring house owners. In my view RedBook is well set for significant growth.’

And to anyone who might wonder whether a man who spent so many years buying and selling property can truly leave his dealing instincts behind, Andrew has a robust response: ‘I left my estate-agency career firmly behind when I retired from Knight Frank two years ago on reaching 60, as required by strict company policy’.

Retirement was never an option for Andrew when he stepped down from his previous fulltime role in 2019. He was ready for more. A whole new chapter.

Indeed, his passion for driving a business forward remains as unrelenting as ever, even though he still regards himself as a frustrated farmer from the Hebrides. Raised on the Isle of Mull, where his eccentric father developed such a close relationship with the local deer population, it was not unusual to walk into the kitchen and find a stag helping himself to lunch.

Andrew, a self confessed property addict and constantly intrigued by the designing- and building-process, feels his arrival at RedBook has brought him back to the most enjoyable elements of his 40 year career: once again among the most discerning clients, beautiful properties, and augmented by a supporting cast of over 230 of the most talented professionals in design, construction and project delivery.

“Andrew, a self confessed property addict and constantly intrigued by the designing- and building-process feels his arrival at RedBook has brought him back to the most enjoyable elements of his 40 year career”

Beyond his remit at RedBook, Andrew’s goals on a personal level are characteristically ambitious and public-spirited. Having walked 1,100 kms solo in 2020, Andrew is now plotting a solo 600-mile walk from the Alps to Rome to raise money for the Rainbow Trust children’s charity and then in 2025 he intends to walk from the west coast of Spain to Istanbul to raise what he calls a ‘very significant sum’ for a number of charities and deserving causes.

Andrew reflects: “RedBook’s independent stance, pursuit of excellence, obsession with service and unstinting client-first focus brings out the very best in people for the benefit of our clients. I have always believed “great people make great places”. RedBook do this so well. I am hugely excited to be a part of their team.”

Tom Adams concludes, ‘It will be a privilege to work with Andrew. This is a landmark appointment for RedBook. Exciting times lie ahead.’

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